Traffic Control System


This project has seven chapters. Each chapter deals with the chapter one. This chapter introduces the statement of the problem purpose of this study. The aims and objectives of the program. The scope, limitations and constraints, assumptions of program, and the definition of terms.

Chapter two    -           This chapter

Chapter three  -           Deals with the description and analysis of the existing system with regards to the fact finding methods, organizational structure, objectives of the existing system, the input, process and output analysis, the information flow diagram, problems of the existing system and finally justification of a new system.

Chapter four - Deals with the design of the new system taking into consideration of the output specification and design. Input specification and design file design, procedure chart, system flow chart and the system requirement.

Chapter five    -Talks of the implementation, program design, program flowchart,  pseudocodes. Source program and test run.

Chapter six      -           Deal with the documentation of the program.

Chapter seven -           this final chapter deals with the conclusion and recommendation and the bibliography.


Title Page


Organization of the work


1.0       Introduction

1.1       Statement of problem

1.2       Purpose of the study

1.3       Aims and objectives

1.4       Scope or Delimitations

1.5       Limitations and constraints

1.6       Assumptions

1.7       Definition of terms


2.0              Review of related literature


Description and analysis of the existing system

3.1       Fact finding methods

3.2              Organizational structure

3.3       Objectives of the existing system

3.3              Input, process, output analysis

3.4              Input, process, output analysis

3.5              Information flow diagram

3.6       Problems of the existing system

3.6              Justification of the new system


Design of the new system

4.1              Output specification and design

4.2       Input specification and design

4.3       File design

4.4              Procedure chart

4.5              System flowchart

4.6              System requirement



5.1              Program design

5.2       Source program

5.3       Program flowchart

5.4              Pseudocades

5.5              Test run



6.1              System documentation

6.2              Program documentation

6.3              User documentation


Conclusion and Recommendation

7.1              Conclusion

7.2              Recommendation




Computer technology is one of the achievements made by man. Its benefit has seen man being able to solve some of his immediate problems. It has opened the door to a large number of important applications that were not economically feasible in the past. Its applications ranges from automating devices in most offices where most tasks are highly automated to on-line computer control of industrial and commercial process for which this project is concerned.Traffic Control System

The computer therefore presents a great opportunity to develop system more economically not simply because the availability of methodology and theories that could not previously be economically justified, among these numerous applications of the computer is it’s use in controlling and monitoring traffic, this is reality a very expensive application because it has several features to utilize in the design.

The main reason for embarking on this project is because it is noteworthy that traffic system in ESUT-IMT Road Junction is very poor which results in traffic jams and most of which cause automobile accident within this junction due to congestion among road users with the increasing population and consequent increase in economic activities. However it is noteworthy to note that urban traffic jams are not limited to developing countries alone, but other developed countries still experience the same problem given the nature of their road network.

The reason as stated above for the problems being encountered for non-application of computer in the monitoring and controlling of the junction is enough to automate the traffic control system using it as the best alternative to direct the flow of traffic effectively and efficiently.Traffic Control System


            The reason for embarking on this particular project is due to the fact that traffic jam is a problem within this T-junction because it has caused most of the automobile accidents and mishaps. This problem could also be attributed to the mistakes made by traffic policemen who might suddenly stop a line in order to give preference to some class of individuals and therefore pass wrong line or road. Since there is also on increasing population made up of students of the two higher institutions as well as the economic activities, road users experience what can be called ‘a diary ordeal’ as most of their time is spent on the road as a result of congestion cause holdups. This situation affects mainly ESUT and IMT students and lecturers, as they are the major users of this T-junction.


            I decided to embark on this project owing to the need and importance of an automated control system to stop the above-mentioned problems and which also can help to avert avoidable road mishaps in this kind of junction.


The objectives of this project design are to identify, examine, daily signals, monitor problems associated with traffic control on the aforementioned junction. This will also withstand high temperature, wind blow and rainfall, which affect the manual system that does the task. The design assumes the computer screen as the point of traffic light installation where light will be allowed to cycle over a fixed interval of time between the East, West and South of the T-junction road, it will also control the pedestrian request button such that if it is pressed the current cycle will terminate naturally with the use of the programming language, the design will direct the flow of traffic showing how and when the vehicles will be passed or in other words to achieve the above mentioned tasks with the display on screen.Traffic Control System

1.4       THE SCOPE

This project analysis the existing traffic control system, comparing both the manual and electronic method of controlling traffic. It helps to determine the design, which can handle some of the problems of the earlier system.

Manually, traffic control system involves human beings whose steadiness cannot be assured. Factors such as environment, state of mind and human relation militate against adopting human traffic control system.

Electronically, it is better although this system can easily breakdown if not properly maintained. On the other hand, the automated system is the best to implement as it gives room for flexibility and efficiency of the system.