This project is a thorough research into the impact of community banking on the economic development of Nigeria a case study of ohha community bank Nigeria Ltd. No.1 Ogui Road Enugu . in carrying out the research investigation into the performance of the community banks and the extant they have contributed in the e3conomic development of Nigeria especially in the concerns grass root development were identified and properly evaluated. Also various measures adopted by the management of these community banks were identified and appraise and suggestion on how improvements can be made contribution toward the return on investments and contribution towards the economic well being of the nation are achieved.
To facilitate the work data were collected from both the primary and secondary sources; pre3sented to aid test the development hypothesis on the basis of estimated population means.

Within he limit of the analysis carried out it was observed that community banks have many problem facing them due largely to the inability to function very well in some places due to lack of infrastructure lack of sufficient funds lack of skilled workers and prohibitions by National Board for community =banks to obtain from outsiders which hinders their rate of expansion.
The research recommended that government should command the national board for community banks to allow these communities to expand and obtain loan outside community base. A call on government to organize an intensive training scheme for the community banks in also recommendation. This will go along way in helping these banks acquire trained staff.

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