The study explores on the sociological examination of single parenthoods in Makurdi local government area of Benue State with the following specific set objectives: to ascertain the causes of single parenthood, to find out the effect of single parenthood and toproffer possible solutions to the problem of single parenthood. Thestudy adopted the functionalist theory as the theoretical frameworkfor this study adopted the descriptive method and made use of thequestionnaire and semi-structured interview as methods of datacollected. On the causes of single parenthood in Makurdi localgovernment area, the study reveals that, divorce is the cause ofsingle parenthood. On the effects of single parenthoods in Makurdilocal government area, the study reveals that, parenthoods affectschildren education. Also, on the possible solutions to the problem ofsingle parenthood, the study findings suggest that, orientation andparental counseling as ways of solving the problem of singleparenthoods. Base on the research findings, the study concludes that,the family lays the psychosocial, moral and spiritual foundations inthe overall development of the child. Thus, parenthoods is aresponsibility requiring the full cooperation of both parents who mustensure the total development of their children. This analysis becomesnecessary because life in a single parent family can be stressful forboth the child and the parent. Furthermore, the study recommends that,there should be enforcement of child right act and relevant laws toprotect children from single parent homes and help them developbetter. Also, financial and moral support to children from singleparenthoods can help solve the hardship children from poor singleparent homes face as some of their needs can be sorted out which willhelp solve the problems that will hinder their development in thesociety. Also, scholarship should be granted by the government tochildren from single parent homes in order to give them the basiceducation that is distorted as a result of parental separation andenhancetheir development.