the impact of government funding on agricutural output and economic growth in nigeria

The impact of public expenditure on agriculture in Nigeria is enormous. Government having recognized agriculture as the second highest sector after oil of which the country depends for food, employment and foreign exchange. This project work would summarize the magnitude and composition of governments’ expenditure on agricultural sector since 1960 The project also examines that contribution of agriculture towards Gross Domestic Product (G.D.P), between the year 1960 when Nigeria got independent and up till the beginning the oil boom in the early 1970s. Underutilization of revenue derived by the government could bring about a downturn in the economic growth, it is with this in mind that the study intend to achieved by examine the impact of public Agriculture Expenditure on the Agriculture output and the economic growth (G D P), an objective was set to address the problem stated;

The review of the Theoretical and Empirical literature provided a basic for the selection and specification of the model that was used to ascertain whether public Agriculture Expenditure have any significant impact on Agricultural output and Economic Growth or not. To put an abrupt end to the problem, policies were recommended as a lasting solution to the deficiencies recorded over the years.


Originally posted 2016-09-29 12:51:20.