a feminist reading of mobolaji adenubi’s empty arms and hilary rouse-amadi’s amina


African writers have pre-occupied themselves with the happenings in the society. Thus, thematic focus has always been on societal ills, one of which is female oppression. This study examines the feminist perspectives in Hilary Rouse-Amadi’s Amina and Mobolaji Adenubi’s Empty Arms. The sociological approach was adopted, which enabled a better judgment of the characters, as presented by the writers.

This research work has shown how Hilary Rouse-Amadi and Mobolaji Adenubi have raised the female consciousness to withstand the grains of patriarchy. The work also examines what feminism is, and the changes that have taken place in the portrayal of women in the society.

In conclusion, this work is able to portray a vivid description of gender inequality, its adverse effect on women and the steps taken to correct it.


Originally posted 2016-10-05 13:44:18.