A Lexico-Syntactic Analysis Of Errors In Selected Yoruba Film Subtitled In English


Language is learned and shred, it is an arbitrary system of vocal symbols through which human beings in the same speech community interact, thereby communicate. Errorsi in communication can be inhibitions towards effective communication and decoding of messages.Errorsi This research sets out to carry out an erroir analysis on some selected Yoruba films subtitled in English. Errorsi were lifted from four Yoruba films subtitled in English and were numbered as attested in each film. Errori analysis was then carried out on them.Errorsi i.e the errorsi were identified, classified into their types, explain why such errors were made and corrections were proffered where necessary. The research found out that the major causes of these errors were inter-lingual and intra-lingual transfer.Errorsi The research also found out that errors can cause a break-down in communication in Yoruba films to non-Yoruba viewers and in general.Errorsi From these findings,Errorsi the research project submitted that some of the errorsi that occur in Yoruba film subtitled in English are capable of causing inhibitions in the proper understanding of the message embedded in these Yoruba films to non-Yoruba viewers.Errorsi

Originally posted 2016-10-05 14:42:52.