The major purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of sales force motivation as a means of achieving increased market share in competitive industry using NBC Owerri as a case study.

The objective which the researcher intended to achieve were as follows, to appraise the current sales force motivational programme of the NBC, to identify if there are defects in the current sales for motivational programme of NBC, to identify the problems that militates against effectiveness motivation strategies of the NBC etc. The researcher also revealed on several topics in chapter two relating to sales force motivation and some of this topic were as follows.

The meaning of sales force motivation, the importance of sales force motivation, difficulties management encountered in determining the right motivational  mix, selecting effective combination of motivational tool etc. in order to achieve the intended objectives. In carrying out this work, relevant data were collected from the respondents  through survey research (questionnaire) The response from the respondents was analyzed using simple table and percentage and at the end hypothesis were tested to prove or disprove the hypothesis stated in chapter one. Finally, from the responses collected from the respondents, the researcher presented her findings, conclusion and recommendations.

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