Design And Implementation Of Computer Based Police Investigation System (a Case Study Of Fiib Headquarters Ogbor-hill Aba)

Police Investigation System

The world over, it is indisputable that the introduction of computer technology in different facets of life, has virtually transformed and entranced information processing, which is very vital in any organization or parastatals of government.  Not only as a means of information processing, the technology has also proved to be the fastest means of information retrieval, which forms the nucleus of this study.Police Investigation System
This work tries to x- ray the rate role of the computer in crime investigation as it affects the Nigerian police.  Force it looks at ways of improving the information management of the force.  This research work will cover the following areas: record information retrieval relating to MIS (Management information system), retirement Cretan for officers and crime mapping through a data bank of crime related information.Police Investigation System
A detailed design of a computerized approach that will bring the much needed innovation is given.  Also included in this work is a praper documentation for the new system design.  Police Investigation System
Title page
Organization of work
Table of contents
Chapter one
1.1Statement of the problem
1.2purpose of the study
1.3Aims and objective
1.4Scope of the study
1.5Limitations of the study
1.6Definition of terms
Chapter two
2.0Literature review
Chapter three
3.0Description and analysis of the existing system
3.1fact finding methods used
3.2Organizational structure
3.3Objective of the existing system
3.4Input, process, output analysis
3.5Information flow diagram
3.6Problems of the existing system
3.7Justification of the new system
Chapter four
4.0Description of the new system
4.1output specification and design
4.2Input specification and design
4.3File design
4.4Procedure chart
4.5System requirement
Chapter five
5.1program design
5.2Pseudo code
Chapter six
Chapter seven
7.0Recommendation and conclusion